Completing loft conversions on houses with a dormer

Space in the UK is at a premium, but why sacrifice your garden or rear yard? Why build outwards, when you can build upwards?

If you truly want to maximise the potential of your home and have a sloping or pitched roof, then a Dormer Conversion is your perfect solution.

What is a Dormer

A Dormer is a timber or steel structural extension that projects vertically from the plane of a sloping roof. A Dormer usually protrudes from the rear roof or slope of your property.

What are the benefits of a Dormer?

Aside from the financial benefits, Dormers are your optimal space solution. The shape and position of the Dormer means that there are no sloping walls, allowing for head height space. The lack of sloping walls also allows for more furniture flexibility. If you fancy that four poster King size bed, a dormer has you covered.

A Dormer will brighten up your home. Take advantage of stunning natural light and consider a range of window options or perhaps even a balcony.

Investing in a Dormer pays off.

A Dormer will add significant value to your property, whether you’re opting to sell or staying put.

The build process is also considerably cheaper than other home extensions, such as a rear or side extensions. This is because you are building onto an already existing framework and your Dormer Conversion does not usually require expensive planning permission.

A Dormer will also have less of an impact on your heating bill than a side or rear extension, due to the heat rising.

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