Loft conversion ideas

The loft can often be an afterthought when you think about transforming your home. Until you need the extra space or need an extra bedroom, it’s perfectly normal to focus your attention and budget on the rooms you already use. However, from the moment the idea does begin to manifest, it’s not until you’re standing in the middle of your own design-dream that it is realised.

If you’re beginning to wonder what that empty space at the top of your house could soon look like, here are a few ideas to tantalise your plans.

Dream Big

Depending on the type of your property, your plans, and your budget, you will probably be choosing from a Velux, Dormer, Gable-end or Mansard loft conversion. Each of these loft conversions come with different permutations, some involving planning permission, but each one will add space, value and character to your home.

If you’re planning on making such a significant alteration to your home, then don’t hesitate to go for the conversion you really dream of. This could be the most significant change you ever make to your home, so it’s worth making sure you get what you really want.

Peace, Quiet & Comfort

If you regularly work or study from home, a loft conversion will give you a temporary escape from other noise in the house while you engross yourself in your work. With many different options for the natural lighting that will illuminate your new room, you will have the ideal place to pursue your goals, without worrying about leaving younger children in the house during school holidays.

With an entire room to play with in terms of storage, you could find that your loft conversion becomes the home office you’ve always dreamed of. Even houses with sloped roofs can be accommodated – simply explain your ideas and ambitions to your builders and they will work with you to deliver your quiet, comfortable new space.

A Home Away From Home

Families with older children often find a loft conversion a great solution for giving their teenagers more space. With many students opting to stay at home while studying at University, a new bedroom, tucked away in the loft, can give them the freedom they feel they’re ready for, but can’t yet go out and get for themselves.

When they eventually do move out, you’ve got the option of an extra bedroom, increased storage, or the private, personal space you’ve always dreamed of. Because of their usually unusual shape, loft conversions are often decorated and furnished in the more quirky, ‘out-there’ ways you might not consider for other rooms in your house.

A Break From The Norm

The greatest freedom of a loft conversion is that you’re free to do with it as you please. As long as the sufficient electricity or plumbing can be connected, you can create anything from a new bedroom, bathroom, or even a second lounge or living space. While you are limited only by the available space, you’d be surprised by how spacious a loft conversion can feel when you’re finally stood in the middle of it.

If you’re unsure where to start, or how you can make your idea fit the space, we’d be glad to help. With more than 10 years experience, we will cover every step of your loft conversion project, from design and planning through to completion. Give us a call today, on 0208 0880 329, and make your loft conversion vision come true.

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