Bungalow Loft Conversion

Many homeowners can go years without considering the extra space, just above their heads, in a bungalow. But these buildings are often ideal candidates for loft conversions, freeing up essential space for increased storage, an extra bedroom, a new study, or simply the chance to reorganise your entire living space.

Bespoke design for every building

As every property is unique, and every resident an individual, all our loft conversions are bespoke. As such, we will come to your property, measure it up and discuss what you are really hoping for you with your new room. From architectural drawings, to establishing the required building regulations, we will get to work on delivering that vision with every meticulous measurement we make.

An experienced service that works

From project managing the entire process, to advising you on how to proceed with the roof and windows of your loft conversion, we’ll deliver our expert advice at every stage of the journey. When our work is done, not only will you have an entirely new living space above you, you’ll also be able to see the rest of your property from an entirely new perspective.

While you could also find that your home has also increased in value, you will most likely find you’re in no further rush to move home. When we have converted the loft in your bungalow, you’ll have a room and a property like no other. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your ideas. 

Dormer Attic and Loft Conversions

With this type of attic or loft conversion, you could be forgiven for having the impression that they are ‘one size fits all’ designs. This is actually far from the truth. The reason dormer attic and loft conversions are the most popular option is simply because they add the most new floor space with every project.

Release the space within your home

As the majority of roofs are sloped, a dormer conversion works tomaximising the space under the roof by building a small extension on the property. This means more headroom inside, significantly more usable floor space, and the potential to turn an attic or loft into much more than just a storage space. New bedrooms, study areas, playrooms and additional living spaces are all increasingly popular choices for homeowners who choose a dormer conversion.

A managed service delivering new space

If you’re interested in converting your attic or loft, we will assess your project, draw up a set of precise plans to deliver it, and even deal with your building regulations paperwork. Project managing the entire process for, we will tailor our experience and skills to getting the job done as efficiently as possible.

The end result will be a delightful new space within your home, and an aesthetically pleasing extension visible from outside the property. Get in touch with our expert team of builders, roofers and architects today, to make the most of the space you own.

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