Loft Conversion or Extension: Which Is Better?

When you’re planning significant home renovations, you might feel as though there are too many different options to choose from. Two options are loft conversions or an extension, both have their own advantages. At Unique Lofts, we want you to make an informed decision ensuring you choose the best option for you. So, we’ve put together a few questions to ask before committing. 

What Will Meet Your Needs?

Do you want the space to form an additional living room or sunroom or would you prefer to rehaul and create yourself the perfect master suite? Ultimately, whether you choose a loft conversion or an extension, a fundamental factor is what you want to get from the space. Loft conversions are a great way to create an extra suite for your growing family or as a guest room. On the other hand, extensions allow you to increase the space and can be more versatile in their uses. 

What Is Your Budget?

Obviously, the biggest reason to change your mind is the cost of the project and whether it has the ability to add value to your property. Both conversions and extensions can add up to an extra 20% to the value of your home, so there are definitely advantages to both. However, of these two, conversions are likely to be cheaper, with the average cost starting at around £20,000, whereas extensions can set you back around £40,000. 

Will There Be Enough Space? 

Loft conversions, although they can be aesthetically pleasing, can be quite tough to maximise the space and manoeuvre around the existing structure. An extension, however, is much more flexible and tailored to create a new space suited to meet your needs. However, due to building regulations and requirements, in some homes, it might not be possible to build a conversion.

How Long Will It Take To Complete?

Lengthy building projects can result in plenty of dust, extensive noise and in some cases may require you to move out for a short period of time. A loft conversion can take between 8 and 12 weeks, depending on the project and assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, making it on average, the quicker option. Usually, the house is still in living condition and shouldn’t cause too much disturbance to your daily routine, unlike extensions where this is more likely. Extensions can take longer depending on the size and nature of the project.

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We believe any home improvements, no matter on what scale, should be designed and built with your needs in mind at all times. Our loft conversions and extensions come with a dedicated building team and project manager and an architect, plus we submit applications to your council on your behalf. If you’re based in anywhere in South East England, contact our team today on 0208 0880 329, alternatively, use our online contact form.

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