What To Do With Your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a great way to get extra space in your home without having to move. Maybe you have a clear plan of what you would want that extra space to be, or perhaps you don’t know but you do know you want that extra bit of space. This article should help you gather a few ideas on what your new space could be.

Can I Get A Loft Conversion?

Now before getting too excited about adding a new floor to your home, it is a good idea to check whether it is even an option. In order to get a loft conversion, ideally, it should be 2.2 metres or higher in the middle but this is not a requirement. Although there isn’t a requirement for room height made by building regulations, there is for staircase and access. If need be, you could always lower the ceiling on the floor below.

As well as this, you will need to consider whether there are any obstacles in the way such as a boiler tank or chimney stack that would need to be moved, in turn adding to the cost of the conversion.

Loft Conversion Ideas?

The most common choice for a loft conversion is a guest bedroom, however, this is not the only thing you can make, this room has endless possibilities and other options should be considered too.


Whether it is the whole floor you are converting into a bathroom or maybe just some of it, it is a great space to create that bathroom you have always been dreaming about. There will be plenty of space as long as it is designed in the correct way. Having the shower at the highest point of the room, the sink slightly lower and the bath right in the corner since you get to lie down, will maximise this space.

Room With a Balcony

Whether this may be an adult living room away from the kids or maybe the master bedroom of the house. Having a place to escape with a balcony is always a nice feature to have in a house especially if you have a nice view of the countryside on your doorstep. As well as having a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the views in summer, it can also be a great way to let the light into the room in winter.


This is every woman’s dream, having a walk-in wardrobe. This could be combined with a bedroom or maybe you just want a big space for your clothes and a nice place to get ready. This can help to maximise space in your bedroom so you can have a more simplistic and clean design. A lot of people choose to make their lofts into wardrobes because of the slanted ceiling. Using the space on the right and left-hand sides as wardrobes and draws and leaving the middle section to get ready in, helps to maximise space.


Perhaps your house is big enough, you have bedrooms for you and all the kids, maybe you even have your own bathrooms too. However, having only one living room might be driving you mad and you want somewhere the kids can go while you stay and relax in the living room. A playroom loft conversion is a perfect solution for this, they will have a big open space where they can make all of the mess they want and your living room stays looking as good as new.

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